Wharfedale and District FA


The Council at Wharfedale strive to deliver an effective and proficient organisation for the greater good of football in our district working alongside many leagues and also with the West Riding County FA.

The Wharfedale F.A Council is made up of  Our Board of Directors which is elected from members of the Council and local clubs.

Please find below a list of the few who make sure our District is run smoothly:-

Mr David. Knaggs

Mr. Bob Moye

Vice Chairman
Mr. Alan S. Wallace

Hon. Secretary
Mr. Andy Wear

Hon. Treasurer
Mr. Mark Glover


Life Members: Reg. I Allowed, David Brotherton, Peter D. Cater, Mark Glover, Reid Haddow, Roy Hague, Dick Johnston, David Knaggs, Derek Aldroyd


Vice Presidents: David Martin MBE, Robert Moye, Rachel O’Connor, Keith M Urquhart, Sue Vento, Andy Wear


Elected Members: Dave Parker, Karen Summers, Eddie Neal, Michael Lindo